NYACH is Hiring!

Initiative Updates

The Workforce Development Corporation is hiring a Director of Healthcare Training to work with NYACH and the Department of Small Business Services.  Please find the job posting here.

Governor Cuomo Includes Advanced Home Health Aide in Budget Proposal

2015 Winter Newsletter, Policy Updates

By Carol Rodat, New York Policy Director, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s budget proposal for 2015-2016 includes language that would authorize the creation of the new occupational title of Advanced Home Health Aide for home health aides working in New York State for at least one year.  This proposal would change the scope …

Recent Publications of Interest

2015 Winter Newsletter, Policy Updates

The City of New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio, “Career Pathways: One City Working Together,” nyc.gov/careerpathways, November 2014. JP Morgan Chase & Co, “Closing the Skills Gap: Preparing New Yorkers for High-Growth, High-Demand, Middle-Skill Jobs.”     The Office of the University Dean for Health & Human Services, “CUNY Consortium of Nursing Programs: Post-Graduate Outcomes Report,” in …

Closing the Experience Gap for Newly Graduated Nurses

2015 Winter Newsletter, Initiative Updates

Given the strong demand for nurses reported by hospitals, especially for specialty units, one might be surprised to find licensed registered nurses unemployed and underemployed for more than six months.  However, that is exactly the situation of many of the participants in NYACH’s RN Transition to Practice Certificate Program (TTP).  For example, Mulu Amlesom, as …

Climbing the Career Ladder in New York City’s Community Health Centers

2015 Winter Newsletter, Initiative Updates

New York City’s Federally Qualified Health Centers provide crucial primary care services to under-served communities.  They are safety net providers, mandated to accept patients regardless of ability of pay.  Healthcare reform is pushing these centers to advance a “triple aim,” that is, to provide higher quality care, to offer a better patient experience, and to …