HHA Student Poem: Change

2015 Summer Newsletter, Student Spotlight



Secluded; surrounded by my own victimization.

Worried about the wrong things; like who or why somebody is hating.

Head hung low, as though the floor’s my concentration.

Looking for the typical misery that I saw as me.


Just to realize I have goals to reach!

Now with my head held high I no longer stand alone and cry.

Pride in my voice when I speak,

Direct eye contact and understanding, we shall reach.

No longer needing one’s pity or sympathy.

I open my mind to a better individual,

One who cares, communicates and knows empathy.


Someone who’s now victorious and filled with pride,

Someone who’s face no longer hides.

The beauty of helping others opens my heart to a world I knew as unknown.

With all your help and dedication,

It’s amazing how I’ve grown.


By Sharlene Jones, HHA (Cohort 2) Student CityTech, Brooklyn