Medical assistants (MAs) are key members of ambulatory and primary care teams. The workforce is growing in volume and in importance as more care is delivered in outpatient settings, where medical assistants are a significant proportion of the workforce. As state policy has increased the focus on population health, the skills that employers look for in their medical assistants have evolved. Many report the increased importance of medical assistants in outpatient and community-based settings, and they now expect this workforce to be adept at new skills such as health coaching, motivational interviewing, and data collection. To ensure that medical assistants are prepared to succeed on the job, workforce training and educational institutions should develop programs in keeping with the professional skills and emerging population health competencies that employers desire.

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Bilingual Medical Assistant Training Program

This program, offered by LaGuardia Community College in partnership with the Washington Heights Workforce1 Center and various health centers and physicians’ offices, helps students improve their English, learn medical vocabulary in their native language, and train to be a medical assistant all at the same time. This program fills the gap between the highest level offered at many federally-funded English classes in New York City and the level of English proficiency required for training and employment as a medical assistant, ensuring a stronger talent pipeline. The program also aims to meet the demand for medical assistants who are prepared to work in patient centered medical homes and a culturally and linguistically competent workforce. In addition to preparing students for the EKG, Phlebotomy, and CCMA certifications and covering both clinical and administrative duties, the redesigned medical assistant curriculum focuses on NYACH’s Core Competencies for Today’s Healthcare Workforce.

This initiative has been featured in New York Daily News, Crain’s Health Pulse, El Diario, NY1 Noticias, and the Epoch Times. You can find the full press release here.