NYACH Develops a Recommendation for Core Competencies for Today’s Healthcare Workforce

2016 Spring Newsletter, Initiative Updates

The transformation of New York State’s healthcare system to care coordination and care management delivery models requires new core skills and competencies across many frontline healthcare workers, including care coordinators, care managers, patient navigators, community health workers, health educators, medical assistants, patient care technicians/associates, nurses, and home care workers. While many of the specific job responsibilities and titles of these roles vary across institution, setting, and patient population, there is a large consensus in the field and a growing body of literature to support that healthcare workers practicing in these models have overlapping functions and should have a shared core set of skills and competencies.

In order to support the workforce development field in delivering education programs that prepare the current and future workforce with the skills now required by healthcare institutions to deliver patient-centered coordinated care, NYACH and its Partners Council set out to identify and build consensus around the core competencies required for practicing in today’s healthcare environment. This core curriculum outline– which includes nine core competencies matched with foundational learning objectives– is intended to serve as an industry-designed framework for educators and trainers to build off of, with the final curriculum ultimately tailored to the specific occupation, student population, and geographic and institutional setting that the program is intended for. The goal in providing this framework is that any student completing an education/training program designed to prepare workers for employment and practice in care coordination delivery models should possess these critical core competencies and skills.

NYACH’s curriculum outline serves a framework for designing a new introductory course module that could be incorporated into many allied health education and training programs. Furthermore, this outline should serve as a roadmap to embedding and reiterating core competencies throughout the entirety of a course (i.e. person-centered care and communication) and to expand in further detail depending on the occupation the training is preparing the student for (i.e. chronic disease management for health coaches).

The development, input, and validation process was guided and informed by the members of NYACH’s Partners Council, which was kicked off by recommendations from a literature review conducted by the Greater New York Hospital Association. Additionally, the curriculum outline was reviewed and contributed to by members of the NYS Department of Health DSRIP/SIM Workforce Workgroup Subcommittee to Identify Recommended Core Curriculum for Training Workers in Care Coordination Titles. NYACH’s final recommendation of core competencies is therefore very closely aligned with the recommended core curriculum for care coordination training being reviewed by the Workgroup.

NYACH’s Core Competencies for Today’s Healthcare Workforce can be found on NYACH’s website here.