On-the-Job Training Program Expands to Include New Graduates

2016 Spring Newsletter, Policy Updates

The New Skills, New Jobs On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program, provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services, is a discretionary grant program that connects local businesses to skilled workers who are trained on-site to learn the essential work skills to improve performance.

Previously OJT funding was limited to businesses hiring veterans and military spouses, Hurricane Sandy-impacted, and the long-term unemployed. Last fall OJT funding expanded to include new graduate workers, including those graduating from continuing education and occupational training programs as well as diploma and degree programs. This eligibility expansion was implemented in order to address the experience gap for new graduates of education and training programs. Through OJT, employers can hire and effectively train new graduate workers and receive funding support to offset 70% of the employee’s wages for up to 280 hours of time spent in on-the-job training.

In healthcare, it can be especially difficult for supervisors to provide time to facilitate the extensive trainings necessary for new employees, thus further limiting opportunities for new graduates to enter the field. This OJT expansion opens up opportunities for new graduates of education and training programs attempting to begin their careers in healthcare.

For more information on the program, please visit the OJT website.