RN Transition to Practice Program Expands to a Second Cohort

2015 Summer Newsletter, Initiative Updates

After the success of the pilot cohort of the RN Transition to Practice (TTP) program, a collaboration between NYACH, the Greater New York Hospital Association, and Lehman College, a second cohort launched in June with many of the same hospitals that participated in the pilot cohort, as well as additional hospitals joining in for the first time.

The 19 students participating in the second cohort were all unable to find work as a nurse for six months or more despite passing their NCLEX exam and obtaining their licenses as registered nurses.  Hospitals report high demand for experienced nurses, making the current nursing market challenging for new graduates.  Angela Babaev from Mount Sinai Beth Israel provides some context on the increasing demands on registered nurses, “hospitals are moving towards a higher level of acuity and the hospital is a very fast-paced environment.”  The RN TTP program bridges the experience gap by offering participants six months of full-time hands-on clinical training with a preceptor at a participating hospital and one day a week of classroom instruction at Lehman College, all supported by a stipend.

Efua Otoo, a graduate of the first cohort now working at New York Presbyterian, explains, “nursing school is way different.  After being in the TTP program for six months, I am no longer surprised by anything.  All my preceptors are thinking that I worked in another hospital, that I had about two years of experience before this.  They are surprised when they learn that I am a new graduate.  I had the benefit of the TTP program.”  Nineteen of the 23 students from the first cohort are now confirmed to be working as full-time registered nurses, many of them at their TTP host hospitals.