Survey for NYCETC Online Directory of Workforce Providers

Initiative Updates

The New York City Employment and Training Coalition is in the process of creating an updated online searchable directory of New York City’s workforce providers. To create this directory, NYCETC is gathering information about its full membership and the city’s extensive workforce community through a survey. In order to facilitate and streamline the data collection process NYCETC is asking workforce development organizations to complete the following survey describing their services and programs, and return no later than Tuesday March 24th, 2015. Please designate one individual per organization to complete the survey. 

Survey Link:

Please Note:

If you provide direct services to jobseekers and students you will complete the full survey describing your training and employment programs.

If you are a coalition, an institute, an individual, a city or state agency or other organization that does not provide a set of employment programs for jobseekers and students, you will complete information about your organization, your locations and services and provide a link to your website, so that we may include your organization  in the online directory.

The resulting directory will be distributed throughout NYC to organizations that make referrals to workforce development providers and jobseekers. The online directory will be searchable by sectors and occupations, as well as by geographic location and services provided. This survey and directory are an important element of NYCETC’s continuous efforts to increase connectivity and knowledge among job seekers, workforce providers, city agencies, employers and other stakeholders within the workforce development community.

If you have questions or have trouble completing the survey please contact Annie Garneva at 212-925-6675 x508 or