Workforce Development in the FY16 Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Policy Updates

On December 18th, the House Appropriations committee released the Omnibus Appropriations Bill for the fiscal year 2016. The bill provides a $234.6 million increase in discretionary funding to the Department of Labor which will be used to develop career training for low skill Americans.

The bill expands funding for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act significantly. $42 million will be added to the budget for WIOA Youth and $39 million will be added for WIOA adult. Additionally, a 15% Governor’s reserve allows states to expand and implement workforce development programs and partnerships that meet the workforce needs in their states. There has also been a $13 million increase in funding allocated to adult basic education state grants under WIOA and $90 million will be invested in apprenticeship grants.

For more information, see Division H of the bill, Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies.